Real Sheepie: Classic - Silver

From $748


Feel The Real.

• Layer over your chair, sofa or bench
• Soften hard floors
• Bring it to bed with you

A Real Sheepie is the feel-good luxury accessory that instantly soothes, stimulates, titillates, and transports you to your happy place. Feel the softness. Feel your fantasy. Feel the real.

Silver: The ultimate, cool, light grey color with highlights of bright white

100% Upcycled Merino Sheepskin

Personal: 2’ x 3’
Long: 2' x 6'
Classic: 4' x 6'
Supreme: 6' x 6' 


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Merino is Magic
​Why are Sheepies so unbelievably soft and soothing to touch? The thin diameter of each Merino wool fiber is ⅓ the width of a human hair. When it comes in contact with any part of your body, it always gives you a soothing gentle caress and a buttery soft feel, similar to Cashmere. 

The Power of Lanolin
​​Unlike faux products, a Real Sheepie's genuine Merino wool fibers contain lanolin, which has similar properties to the oils in human skin. This makes them exceptionally pleasing to touch, even for individuals with sensitive skin. 

All Seasons Luxury
​Real Sheepies are temperature regulating. They feel warm and cozy in cold weather and cool to the touch in hot weather, delivering feel-good luxury year-round. 

Upcycled for Less Waste 
​Feel good knowing that Real Sheepies are completely upcycled. The Merino sheepskins, that we source from the wool industry in Australia and New Zealand, would otherwise be burned or discarded in a landfill. 

Pasture-raised Merino sheep are cultivated primarily for their ​exquisitely soft wool. Unfortunately, though, sheep are not immortal. When their time is up, modern farmers, who take a “nose to tail” approach, aim to utilize as much of the animal as possible. We upcycle the hides into Real Sheepies.

Say NO to Faux
​Did you know that faux sheepskin is actually non-biodegradable plastic? 

​It’s made from synthetic chemicals derived from coal and petroleum. Nasty. That’s not something you would ever want to put around your body and it could never deliver the soft, soothing, feel of a Real Sheepie.