Welcome to BURKELMAN, a lifestyle brand free of fussiness, preachiness, or pretension. We are for bold individuals who are all about having fun and embracing a relaxed, liberated, approach to living their best life.

We believe the objects we encounter every day should reflect our passions and personality and contribute to building a wonder-filled world. With a focus on strong, colorful, texture-rich, design, our pieces are created with everyday fabulousness as the ultimate goal.

Shop BURKELMAN – feel fabulous every day.

BURKELMAN = Burke + Kimelman

BURKELMAN is the physical manifestation of the collective minds of Kevin Burke and David Kimelman.

We created BURKELMAN because we wanted to do something together that fulfilled on our shared attitudes towards design and living. We therefore founded a modern, design-oriented, lifestyle brand that’s free from pretension and fussiness and all about having fun, relaxing, and embracing a casual, liberated, approach to life. 

After 15 years of living and working in the creative hive of New York City, we wanted to shake things up and begin a new chapter in our lives together. In 2013, we moved upstate to New York’s Hudson Valley to start a family (surprise, it’s twins!), and eventually launch BURKELMAN.

We established the brand in 2014 with the launch of burkelman.com, shipping orders out of our home studio. Eager to meet our customers face to face, we opened our first physical location in Cold Spring, NY a year later. BURKELMAN arrived on the main stage, our NoHo flagship store at Bowery and Bond Street in New York City, in 2018. After a brief Covid pause in 2020, we reopened our NYC Store in a new location at 243 Elizabeth St.

“Highly aspirational”
— New York Magazine

“Please allow us to introduce you to your new favorite lifestyle brand.”
— Best Products

“I picked up a bunch of Christmas gifts there.” 
— Rachael Ray

“Everyone asks me where they can get these candles” 
—The Cut

“Whether you’re hunting for a new statement piece for your home or the perfect gift, Burkelman’s impressive selection is sure to offer some high-design contenders." 
— Architectural Digest

“Not-basic wedding registry”
— Vogue

"[BURKLEMAN’s Velvetone Pillows] are so comfy...you'll want one for every piece of furniture in the house."
— House Beautiful