Real Sheepie - Classic

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A Sheepie instantly turns any space into your happy place, so you can relax, recharge, and take on the world.

100% Upcycled Merino Sheepskin

Classic size: 
Approx. 4’ x 6’

Define the room. The Real Sheepie Classic will ensure ultimate softness happens in all the right places. 

Where to use:
 Create bedroom bliss
• Unwind by the fireplace
• Chill out on the sofa
• Create the coziest dressing area ever
• Comfort the kids with ultimate fluffiness

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Life is crazy. REAL SHEEPIES are calming.

Touch Therapy:
Real Sheepies are exceptionally soothing to touch, even for individuals with sensitive skin. Unlike faux products, genuine Merino wool fibers contain lanolin, which has similar properties to the oils in human skin.

Relive Aches & Pain:
The thick natural fibers of a Real Sheepie are naturally orthopedic. They form a springy, cushioned, support that cradles your body, easing pressure points and relieving muscle aches and pain.

Anti-Microbial Protection:
Real Sheepies repel mold, bacteria, and dust mites. The wool fibers have natural wicking properties that prevent moist conditions where microbes thrive. 

Temperature Regulation:
Real Sheepies are temperature regulating. They feel warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather, keeping you comfortable year round.

100% Upcycled Merino Sheepskin
Real Sheepies are made from 100% upcycled Merino sheepskin. We source our Sheepies in New Zealand and Australia from mature, pasture-raised, sheep. Our sheepskins are salvaged from animals that have been cultivated as a wool and food resource. 

Easy Care: 
Shake out and vacuum with plain suction when needed. Blot any spills immediately. Avoid over exposure to direct sunlight. Hand wash or dry clean.

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