Welcome to The Vortex Eau de Parfum

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Stand out and bliss out with Welcome To The Vortex, our unconventional floral fragrance. 

Free yourself from the ordinary. The unexpected synthesis of fresh violet flowers, juniper, dry powder, and a hint of leather creates an expansive olfactory vibration that opens minds and attracts attention.

Generate interest and intrigue when you wear this magnetic eau de parfum.

Welcome To The Vortex is for any, and all, genders. 

"What mind-altering drugs do I have to take to understand this fragrance?”
– The Cut

"Welcome to The Vortex has a powdery, leathery, aroma that both men and women will find irresistible."
– Best 

Experience Welcome To The Vortex

1. Order a Trial Vial right to your door.
2. Spray fragrance on your pulse points; behind your ear, inside your wrist, or your inner elbow.
3. Turn heads, blow minds, make hearts race.

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Violet Flower

Key Ingredients:
Fragrance Oil, Alcohol, Water

• Vegan 
• Not tested on animals
• Sulphates and Paraben free
• Made in the U.S.A. 

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