T.H.V.F (That Hudson Valley Fragrance) Eau de Parfum

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The great outdoors, but make it sexy.

Turn them on ​with T.H.V.F, our irresistible, warm and woodsy, eau de parfum.

Don’t fade into the scenery. Bright top notes of green moss powerfully intermingle with sweet tobacco and spicy black pepper to stimulate and activate the senses. The richness of the fragrance’s wood smoke base provides depth and sparks long-lasting intrigue.

Spray on this sexy scent and show up ready for adventure. 

T.H.V.F (That Hudson Valley Fragrance) is for any, and all, genders. 

"The seductive blend of moss, tobacco leaves, and wood smoke brings to mind a wide-open-spaces element"
– The Cut

Winner – Best Fragrance Award
"T.H.V.F not only has a warm base, it’s also sweet, complex and rich with flavor. Not only do you feel as if you’re trekking through a luxurious forest, it’ll make you rethink smokey notes and how beautiful it can be."

– Very Good Light

Experience T.H.V.F (That Hudson Valley Fragrance)

1. Order a Trial Vial right to your door.
2. Spray fragrance on your pulse points; behind your ear, inside your wrist, or your inner elbow.
3. Turn heads, blow minds, make hearts race.

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Tobacco Leaves
Black Pepper
Wood Smoke

Key Ingredients:
Fragrance Oil, Alcohol, Water

• Vegan 
• Not tested on animals
• Sulphates and Paraben free
• Made in the U.S.A. 

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