Eau de Parfum Trial Vial - 2.5 ml.

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Experience Our Fragrances.

1. Order Trial Vials of our signature Eau de Parfums right to your door
2. Spray fragrance on your pulse points; behind your ear, inside your wrist, or your inner elbow.
3. Turn heads, blow minds, make hearts race

Our scents are made for any, and all, genders.

Night Moves: intoxicating, sweet, and sultry

T.H.V.F (That Hudson Valley Fragrance): irresistible, warm, and woodsy

Welcome To The Vortex: uplifting, airy and woody

Sensory Seeker: deeply erotic, spicy and herbal

Ambassador So-And-So: worldly, citrus, and sandalwood

Eau de Parfum | 2.5 ml.

Key Ingredients:
Fragrance Oil, Alcohol, Water

• Vegan 

• Not tested on animals
• Sulphates and Paraben free
• Made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kristi G. (Canton, US)
5 Stars for the Trial Pack

First off, the scent is very long lasting, which I appreciate. Lingers in your hair and on your clothes in the best way. Hung up a jacket that I had worn weeks ago and I could still smell it like I had just applied it. I went with the trial pack because I wasn't sure which scent would appeal to me the most, and it ended up being Night Moves, which I didn't even think would be in the running! Very glad that I tried them all, THVF is my runner up for a different vibe. I've gotten compliments on both! Excited to order my full size.

Thanks for the review Kristi. We love that Night Moves surprised you and became your favorite! Enjoy.

W.V. (Glendale, US)
This scent is insane

I love this scent so much. Its deeply earthy and spicy which are some of my favorite profiles when it comes to my colognes. This scent lasts all day and it feels like it adapts to my skin chemistry to make it my favorite new scent. I'm definitely getting a full bottle. Thank you for the sample!

Love to hear that Sensory Seeker is your new favorite scent!

Cara G. (Little Ferry, US)
I was trying to love it…

I couldn’t wait to try this the description sounded unique and very rich. I sprayed it as soon I opened the package and I loved the opening but as it settled it can up very leathery on me. I was hoping for a woody smokiness. I will keep searching but for those who love leather it’s a beautiful scent!

Thanks for your feedback on Sensory Seeker Cara. Based on your thoughtful review I would try our T.H.V.F scent. It has a deep wood smoke base that I think you will love.

KC S. (Elgin, US)

Eau de Parfum Trial Vial - 2.5 ml.

CherryOnly138 (Riverside, US)
Great way to sample the collection

I bought this because I am OBSESSED with candles I was gifted in Sensory Seeker and T.H.V.C.. Now, because I have the candles I knew that these fragrances were going to Pack-a-Punch. I am really sensitive to smells and even fragrances that I like can give me a migraine, I never really know until I try to wear it. This is why I was so happy to see the fragrance discovery set. I unfortunately cannot wear the 2 candles I love. However, I discovered ambassador so-and-so and welcome to the vortex, they smell amazing and I am able to wear them. To sum it up, this is amazing quality fragrance and I'm so happy with my purchase.