Real Sheepie Care

Everyday Care for your Sheepie:

• Shake out your Sheepie. Loose dirt and dust will come right out with simple shakes.

• Vacuum regularly with a plain suction. Do not use any attachments with combs or spinners. 

•Do not expose to direct sunlight. The Sun's UV rays can cause discoloration over time

• Occasional brushing is a good thing. Use a wire pet brush and move over the hair in a single direction

• Spills should be dealt with right away. Blot using a clean cloth or paper towel. Never rub spills. 

Deeper Cleaning: 

Mild dish detergent and a damp cloth can be used to spot clean your Sheepie if the simple blotting does not pull up a stain

Handwashing your Sheepie 
Water should be warm (around 104 degrees F), use mild dish detergent, never use bleach, always dry flat. While your Sheepie is drying flat do not brush or rub the wool. After it is completely dry you can brush the hair with a wire pet brush to bring back the thick fluffy look and feel.

Dry Clean
For a major and complete clean take your Sheepie to the dry-cleaner.