Life is crazy.
Real Sheepies are calming.

 A Sheepie instantly turns any space into your happy place, so you can relax, recharge and take on the world. 
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Let's all Relax

(Like our lives literally depend on it)
 “Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.”  
– The Mayo Clinic

That’s a bit dramatic, but we’ve all been there. Pressure at work, family drama, money worries, doom scrolling . . . not to mention our own existential angst.

It’s all too much sometimes. 

We deserve a cozy spot to decompress and get back to focusing on what's important to us.

It's Science

Real Sheepies = Touch Therapy

Physical contact with a soft texture calms us. A Real Sheepie is ready and waiting to sooth us and bring us back down to earth. 

The Soothing Touch

Real Sheepies are exceptionally soothing to touch, even for individuals with sensitive skin. Unlike the fibers found in faux products, genuine Merino wool fibers contain lanolin, which has similar properties to the oils in human skin.

Relieve Aches and Pains

The thick natural fibers of a Real Sheepie are naturally orthopedic. They form a springy, cushioned, support that cradles your body, easing pressure points and relieving muscle aches and pain.

Anti-Microbial Protection

Real Sheepies repel mold, bacteria, and dust mites. The wool fibers have natural wicking properties that prevent moist conditions where microbes thrive. 

Temperature Regulation

Real Sheepies are temperature regulating. They feel warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather, keeping you cozy year round.

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Transform Your Space

Turn any area of your home into your cozy spot
Make your favorite chair the softest seat in the house
Unwind by the fireplace
Bliss out the bedroom
Create the coziest 
dressing area ever 
Place under your desk for barefoot therapy
Comfort the kids with ultimate fluffiness
Chill out on the sofa
Say goodbye to cold bathroom floors
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Real Sheepies for the Win

Surprisingly Stylish
And Low Maintenance

"Having a Real Sheepie at my bedside and in front of my bathroom vanity has added luxe texture and surprising style to the room. Just looking at their plushness relaxes me. And, they are kind of low maintenance. Shake then out or brush to remove debris and fluff back up."

– Lee H.
New York, NY

A Bit of Luxury for The Work Day

"We cover our office chairs with Real Sheepies to keep us cozy while we work. It’s a little bit of relaxing luxury for the work day! I also have one in my closet as a rug. They finish the rooms - softening hard angles, adding texture, and bringing warmth! They are beautiful and easy to care for!"

– Rachel L.
Garrison, NY

A Fun
Pop of Color

I’m a graphic designer and art director so I keep my house very white but its a fun pop of color and great to touch first thing in the morning at the foot of the bed.

– Harry G.
New York, NY

"You’ll look for any excuse to run your feet across this incredibly soft rug. Your dog will probably love it too!”

What exactly is a Real Sheepie?

Real Sheepies are 100% Merino sheepskin. We source our Sheepies in New Zealand and Australia from mature pasture-raised sheep. Our sheepskins are upcycled from animals that have been cultivated as a wool and food resource. 

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4 Sizes to turn any space into your happy place


Aprox. 2' x 3'


+ Drape over your favorite chair
+ Place under your desk
+ Warm up the bathroom tile floor
+ Chic up the dog bed
+ Take your outdoor seating to the next level

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