JOIN US: PR & Influencer Marketing Coordinator

BURKELMAN is seeking a PR and Influencer Marketing Coordinator to work with us on a monthly retainer basis. The role entails the following. 

- Work directly with the brand's founders and a small in-house team to create and implement innovative marketing strategies that generate media and influencer placements for BURKELMAN and its signature products

- Write captivating and effective press releases that strategically position BURKELMAN products in the marketplace

- Cultivate and maintain relevant media and influencer relationships on behalf of BURKELMAN

- Conduct outreach efforts with appropriate follow up

- Manage sample requests and fulfillment

- Monitor and “clip” media / social media mentions

    IG: @shopburkelman

    BURKELMAN – Supplies For Best Life Living

    BURKELMAN is a lifestyle brand free of fussiness, preachiness or pretension. We are for bold individuals who are all about having fun and embracing a relaxed, liberated, approach to living their best life. 

    We believe the objects we encounter everyday should reflect our passions and personality and contribute to building a wonder-filled world. With a focus on strong, colorful, texture-rich, design, our pieces are created with everyday fabulousness as the ultimate goal.

    Shop BURKELMAN – Feel fabulous every day.

    Please send us an email at to be considered for this role.