BURKELMAN is a home and lifestyle brand founded on the belief that it’s always the right time to actively and doggedly pursue one’s passions, style, dreams, happiness, fetishes, and flights of fancy; in other words, to GET YOUR LIFE. Fun, fabulous, playful, irreverent, but never frivolous, BURKELMAN is more than a store, it’s a way of being.

With exceptional design and peerless quality at the core of every product we carry, BURKELMAN offers the tools and accoutrement to craft the wonder-filled world of your choosing. Our brand doesn’t just live in our stores or on burkelman.com; it lives in the homes and the lives of our customers—in their attitudes, experiences, expressions, and in their unique and intentional approaches to life.

BURKELMAN is the physical manifestation of the collective minds of Kevin Burke and David Kimelman. After 15 years of living and working in the creative hive of New York City—David as an art director and photographer and Kevin as a creative executive for major fashion brands—the duo decamped upstate to New York’s Hudson Valley and merged their talents, experiences, and perspectives to launch BURKELMAN. Along with their twin boys, Ulysses and Maximiliano, the couple resides in a mid-century modern home nestled in the woods of the Hudson Highlands, just a stone’s throw from their original Cold Spring storefront.